.NET Conf 2020 Virtual Event

.NET Conf 2020 Virtual Event Colombo 

19th december 2020 - from 9 am to 4 pm

Join Microsoft MVPs as they discuss the 2020 .NET Conference and unpack the features of .NET 5.0.

Stand a chance to win great prizes !!




Pic Sajeetharan Sinnathurai
Cloud Solution Architect - Azure App Dev
APAC OCP, Microsoft

A Lap Around the .NET Ecosystem and let's demystify cloud-native development with .NET
9:00 AM

Pic Hansamali Gamage
Associate Technical Lead, Microsoft MVP
Yukon Software Sri Lanka

Http API developmenet with .NET,
Azure and OpenAPI
10:00 AM

Pic Sammani Palansuriya
Associate Technical Architect, Microsoft MVP
99X Technology

Strengthen your data access with EF core 5.0
11:00 AM

Pic Malin De Silva
Lead IT Engineer, Microsoft MVP

Bring Intelligence to the Edge with Custom Vision
1:00 PM

Pic Fiqri Ismail
Founder/CTO, Microsoft MVP

Modern Web Development with Blazor & .NET 5
2:00 PM